An employment agency that specializes in job placement for those who have had past involvement in the Criminal Justice system.

We are an agency committed to building long lasting partnerships with business across the nation.

Companies seeking cost effective and time sensitive job placement services will benefit from our approach to job placement as it is designed to be smart, strategic and cost effective that make sense to a company’s needs.

We manage the search process and match a employee with the job. 

We will line them up that are qualified and job ready, handle the pre and post background requirements to your specific policies.

We take that banging headache and guesswork of background checks to ease the distrust associated with criminal justice directly impacted individuals that are in fact the hardest workers if given the opportunity to become successfully and gainfully employed. 

Depend upon us to take the grunt work out of your human resources. 

We will cut your expenses while saving time in the sometimes very daunting hiring process. 

When you need a specific skill set, we match the right candidate to your workforce shortages.




We leverage our own personal lived experience of the criminal justice system pre and post incarceration to meet your company’s needs. 

Our unique insight gives us the perspective to reassure you that we have done extensive background inquiries. All our candidates are not only offer the opportunity to become gainfully employed, we also continue to train and support them through the hiring process to ensure qualified potential employees for you 



We save your company time and resources by cutting the expenses of hiring and retaining qualified, skilled workers. Your return on investment is not just reducing your personnel expenses. As an added bonus, you also gain the reputation of the best company to work with. Your genuineness to change how the world views the 6.2 million individuals with felony convictions that are all too often passed over for employment is simply commendable.

Matching Hard, Dedicated Workers to your workforce demands


Hiring personnel can be taxing to a company seeking many employees at one given time. We partner with your company to retain qualified workers that get the job done.

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The Reentry Associates



Our Mission

The Reentry Associates LLC are committed to providing innovative, unconventional strategies supporting communities to increase hope and purpose, rebuild values, promote connection and relationships while bringing awareness to generational trauma, poverty, incarceration, homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness.  

Our Values and Foundation Upon Which We Built Ourselves

We believe and envision successful strategies to achieve the necessary resources to rebuild, engage, sustain positive community interactions and enhance strength based, swift implementation of opportunities for growth and collaboration.  

Our History

We are the subject matter experts. Our adverse experiences and the challenges we overcame is valuable insight to any community that is ready for a change, looking to create effective and smart solutions to break down the barriers to successful outcomes that are necessary to rebuild community and human connections for all. 

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