The Reentry Associates and How We Support Your Community

Specific Community Education and Training Opportunities

The Reentry Associates value and support nonlinear approaches to an individual's recovery journey through improvements in quality of life by creating Purpose, Community, Health and Home.

Our Strategy and Process

We create intentional safe spaces to engage and leverage innovative approaches to achieve full participation from the respective community members. is the most important factor to effectively make systemic changes within the systems of healthcare and the services to begin the healing and journey towards recovery.

All Services Are Whole Agency and Individual Wrap Around Approaches

The Reentry Associates is an agency that provides consulting, facilitation, education, opportunities and training for inclusive, diverse stakeholders and individuals seeking innovative solutions and enhance full participation in respective communities to build long lasting connections for significant and impactful strategies, with efficiency and smart systemic change desiring efficacy and sustainability in investments.

A little bit about us


The Reentry Associates believe that utilizing storytelling, trauma-informed care approaches are effective and have been proven to have the significant impact when teams and communities utilize a wrap around whole person approach to achieving a positive journey quest to recovery. 

Exploration of non-linear approaches to a person's recovery is vital to achieving sustainable recovery and reentry to their respective community. 

What works for some may or may not work for others and it is important to send the message that there is no one size fits all.

Community Soup Conversations

People ask us all the time, "What is a Community Soup Conversation?"

The Reentry Associates believe that all stakeholders at the table communities will find the inclusive solutions they desire to make a significant difference in their neighborhoods without everyone having an equal voice in decision making, policy reform, share a responsibility and have a mutual understanding of the issues community's are faced with. It is about what is effective for specific demographics. We are neutral in our approaches and facilitation and guide conversations. We are not present to tell stakeholders what to do to address the issues identified. We are there to provide the resources necessary to understand how changes can be made.

"Without the Chicken you will not have Chicken Soup."

Believing in our strategies

We have been there and we accomplished successful improvements to the quality of our lives. We are a diverse group of folks that have lived experience of all societal institutionalizing of an individual that has been marginalized, disenfranchised and facing the significant stigma that left us hopeless and without purpose in our lives.   

Whether it was inpatient, emergency detention, hospitalization and commitments, alcohol and other drug treatment centers, homelessness and/or incarceration. 

We know how to re-enter because we did it;  we are in our respective communities, we have rebuilt our lives, ourselves, relationships and are your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family.